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Before you can use the system at all, there is some basic data which needs to be setup. Perhaps the most critical of all would be the Material Master database.

Material admin.jpg

Materials are maintained from the Material Admin screen shown above. You can add or edit existing materials using the buttons shown on the main screen. In addition to this however you can right click on the data grid and select a function from the popup menu. The Material data is fairly simple to define, but there some important values which you need get correct for the system to work correctly.

Material edit.jpg

Field Description
Material Id Unique Identification for Material - (20 characters)
Description Description for Material - (80 characters)
Material Type User definable Material Classification. See Material Types
Base Unit of Measure Typical stock reporting Unit of Measure. Not necessarily the same as the Production Unit of Measure.
See Units of Measure
Shelf Life Deprecated - no longer used. Now held in Material Master record.
Shelf Life Unit of Measure Deprecated - no longer used. Help now linked to Wiki pages.
Shelf Life Rounding Rule Deprecated - no longer used. Now held in Process Order record.
Gross Weight Gross weight (per Base Unit of Measure)
Net Weight Net weight (per Base Unit of Measure)
Weight Unit of Measure Unit of Measure used for Weights. See Units of Measure
Legacy Code Optional field for recording previous codes if migrating from another system.
Default Batch Status Used to determine the status for new batches of this Material.
Equipment Type Optional - used to track movements of Pallets (BLUE, GKN, EURO, CHEP etc)