.NET Framework 4.0

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To install mySQL Workbench you need to have .NET Framework 4 on your Windows machine. You can download this from the Microsoft website as shown below.

Mysql win workbench9.jpg

Download the version which is appropriate for your version of Windows.

Mysql win workbench10.jpg

Once downloaded you need to run the installer for .NET Framework 4.

Unfortunately this also has dependencies of its own. If you are unfortunate enough to see the screen below you need to install the Windows Imaging Component (WIC)

Mysql win workbench11.jpg

Mysql win workbench18.jpg

Assuming you have met all the requirements the installer will then proceed to copy the files...

Mysql win workbench19.jpg

Check and tick the appropriate buttons for the licence agreement.

Mysql win workbench20.jpg

Let the installer do its thing..

Mysql win workbench21.jpg

Click Finish when it's installed.

Mysql win workbench22.jpg

You will need to reboot Windows. Once this has been done you can then return to the installation of mySQL Workbench