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The Setup4j utility allows you to setup the database you want to use with Commander4j. The application supports 3 types of database

  • mySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle

Video Tutorial

In addition to creating the tables needed for Commander4j the Setup4j also creates a file called hosts.xml which
is loaded at startup and displays a menu to allow you to select which database you want to connect to.

Host selection.jpg

The Setup4j will be needed to create the initial database when installing for the first time. It will also be used when
upgrading to a new version of the application.
Setup4j buttons.jpg
The example hosts file which is installed during installation is purely for illustration purposes. You should create your
own entries which point to your own database(s).

Sytax for URL for Application Update


Sytax for URL for Hosts File Update


Below are 3 sample host configurations. One for each database type which is supported.


Setup4j mysql.jpg

Microsoft SQL Server

Setup4j mssql.jpg


Setup4j oracle.jpg