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Process Orders, sometimes also known as Works Orders are a request to make "x" units of a certain material which is issued to a Production Line.

Process order1.jpg

Process Orders can be created manually within Commander using the Admin screen shown above. However if you wish you can link Commander4j to external systems and have these Process Orders imported/updated automatically as a part of a background Interface.

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Process Order Data
Field Purpose
Process Order A unique identification for the Process Order. The format/structure of this ID can be defined within the System Keys
Description Free format text
Material The Material ID for the product being produced (output from the Process Order). See Materials
Description The materials own description data.
Recipe Code Optional data which can be used to record a link to the Bill of Materials used by the Production Process.
Quantity Required quantity of units (see below) which need to be manufactured.
Unit of Measure The "Production" unit of measure (see above). See Material UOMs
Due Date Planned start date/time for production to commence.
Location Where the pallet is being made. (See Locations & Interface Admin)
Status Valid values are Ready, Running, Held, Discarded & Finished.
Default Pallet Status Valid Values are Unrestricted, Blocked & Quality Inspection. (See Locations)
Required Resource Optional - can be used to indicate a Production Line etc which is used to manufacture this material.
Customer ID Default is SELF (See Customers)