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The middleware utility is a standalone application which can be used in conjunction with Commander4j and is designed to allow you to translate files to/from the commander4j standard xml format. When you install the software it comes with some example transformations and sample messages to illustrate how it can be used.

Within the install folder you will find a number of subdirectories, some of which are used for running sample message transformations.

To watch a sample message transformation you can copy a file from the .\samples\input\xx xxxx folder into the .\interface\input\xx xxxx folder.

Providing the interface has been started the sample file will be removed from the input folder and a new file will be created in the .\interface\output\xx xxxx folder.

The sample middleware config.xml which can be found in the ./xml/config directory contains a number of example transformations.

  • map01 - Rockwell Material Master to C4J Material Master
  • map02 - S95 Process Order to C4J Process Order
  • map03 - Synchro CSV
  • map04 - S95 Batch Status Change to C4J Batch Status Change
  • map05 - S95 Transfer Schedule to C4J Pallet Status Change
  • map06 - S95 Process Order Status Change to C4J Process Order Status Change
  • map07 - C4J Production Declaration to S95 Production Declaration
  • map08 - ASCII Flat File Fixed Column to XML
  • map09 - Tropos Material XML
  • map10 - Tropos Works Order XML
  • map11 - C4J Production Declaration to TROPOS Goods Receipt
  • map12 - C4J Production Declaration to ASCII Flat File
  • map13 - C4J Production Dec to ASCII and CSV Files
  • map14 - W-ware FFMW Material to C4J MM
  • map15 - C4J Equipment Tracking to ASCII Flat File
  • map16 - Split inbound XML into 2 outbounds
  • map17 - Excel Spreadsheet
  • map18 - SAP Idoc Material Master to C4J XML