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The below fragment of the configuration file called config.xml which can be found in the ./xml/config folder.
  <map id="map01" enabed="Y" description="Rockwell Material Master to C4J Material Master">
      <input id="in1" description="Read Rockwell Material Master">
          <path>./interface/input/01 (Rockwell FFMW Material)</path>
      <output id="out1" enabed="Y" description="Write Commander4j Material Master">
          <path>./interface/output/01 (C4J - Material)</path>

map is used to enclose the map definition which consists of inputs and outputs.
id can be anything you like but should be unique.
enabled can be used to temporarily disable a map so that it's ignored within the file
description should be a short note regarding the purpose of the map.
type indicates to the program the type of the document you are procesing. This setting defines the default file mask - file extension used.
path determines the folder where input files are to be found
mask can be left blank if the default works (as determined by the type) otherwise enter the file extension of the input files.
XSLT is the filename of the XSLT style sheet used to transform the document and can be used on both input and output phases.