Commander4j - Change Log

Commander4j - 10.26

0002212: Update to JasperReports Libraries
0002213: Improved Intermec Pallet Label
0002213: Update to Weight Checks Reporting Criteria
0002214: Improved Weights Checks Data Capture Screen
Commander4j - 10.18

0002208: [Desktop] User interface for Panel Results Update screen improved re JComboBox functionality within JTable
0002207: [Database] Bug in mySQL version of view called view_qm_results fixed in schema version 185
0002206: [Installer] Java runtime updated to OpenJDK Runtime Environment Zulu17.46+19-CA (build 17.0.9+8-LTS)
0002205: [New Feature Requests] New function to default values in Panel Results screen
Commander4j - 10.17

0002200: [3rd Party Library Updates] JasperReports updated to version 6.20.6
Commander4j - 10.13

0002198: [Desktop] Minor bug fix for colours used in Panel Samples Table Rendering
0002197: [Build Scripts] Correction to MS SQL scripts to remove duplicate create for VIEW_PLANTS
Commander4j - 10.03

0002196: [Database] Fixed problem with Setup4j not connecting to Oracle database due to driver being deregistered
0002195: [Interfaces] Outbound PDF / Email Interfaces Despatch and Sort Notify duplicating messages in Interface Log
Commander4j - 10.02

0002194: [Desktop] Notify option added to Pallet Sorting module
0002193: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update to jSerialComm-2.10.3
0002192: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update mySQL JDBC driver to version 8.1.0
Commander4j - 10.01

0002190: [3rd Party Library Updates] Log4j library removed and Log4j2 updated to version 2.20.0
Commander4j - 10.00

0002184: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update bundled Java to version 17
Commander4j - 9.70

0002183: [Interfaces] Enhance inbound Prod Dec message format to permit suppression of output interface message.
Commander4j - 9.68

0002182: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JSerialComm to version 2.10.1
Commander4j - 9.67

0002181: [Scanner] Update Scanner Web pages to use Zebra Enterprise Browser
Commander4j - 9.66

0002178: [Installer] Install4j 10.0.6
0002172: [3rd Party Library Updates] Commons-io version 2.13.0
Commander4j - 9.65

0002171: [3rd Party Library Updates] Correct Oracle JDBC Driver Issue
Commander4j - 9.64

0002170: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Commons-IO to version 2.12.0
Commander4j - 9.63

0002167: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports to version 6.20.5
Commander4j - 9.62

0002162: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update MS SQL JDBC to version 12.2.0
Commander4j - 9.61

0002161: [Installer] Bundled Java updated to 11.0.19
Commander4j - 9.60

0002160: [Interfaces] Create new outbound interface to un-confirm a pallet declaration
0002159: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Jasper Reports to 6.20.3
0002149: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Jasper Reports to 6.20.1
0002157: [New Feature Requests] Add option to un-confirm pallet
0002155: [Label Printing] Enhancement to label printing to enable ZPL copies to be used rather than repeating data using ^PQ<*ZPL_LABEL_COUNT*>
0002153: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update OpenCSV to version 5.7.1
0002152: [3rd Party Library Updates] Upgrade mySQL JDBC connector to version 8.0.32
0002150: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JFreeChart to version 1.5.4
Commander4j - 9.50

0002143: [3rd Party Library Updates] Java runtime updated to openjdk version "11.0.18" 2023-01-17 LTS
0002142: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Cups4j to version 0.7.9
0002141: [3rd Party Library Updates] JSerialComm updated to version 2.9.3
Commander4j - 9.47

0002119: [Installer] Install4j updated to version 10.0.1
0002120: [Installer] Java updated to 11.0.16
Commander4j - 9.46

0002114: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports Library to version 6.20.0
0002118: Correct SQL statement used by QM Panel Enquiries screen for mySQL and Oracle
Commander4j - 9.43

0002091: [Servlet (Apache Tomcat)] Servlet does not work with Apache Tomcat 10 - create new version for Tomcat 10
Commander4j - 9.40

0002083: [3rd Party Library Updates] Commons IO 2.8 (Fix Excel Export which was not working with Commons IO 2.6)
Commander4j - 9.39

0002073: [3rd Party Library Updates] Revert Commons IO to version 2.60
0002072: [3rd Party Library Updates] Log4j updated to 2.17.2
0002071: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports Library to version 6.19.1
Commander4j - 9.36

0002065: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Jasper Reports Library to 6.19
Commander4j - 9.35

0002064: [3rd Party Library Updates] JSerialComm updated to 2.9.1
Commander4j - 9.22

0002026: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update 3rd party libraries
Commander4j - 9.21

0002025: [Build Scripts] Add "" to classpath
0002021: [3rd Party Library Updates] JasperReports Library updated to version 6.18.1
0002014: [Installer] Java runtime updated to OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM Zulu11.52+13-CA (build 11.0.13+8-LTS, mixed mode)
0002012: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports from 6.17 to 6.18 including dependencies
0002011: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update jSerialComm library from 2.6.2 to 2.7.0
Commander4j - 9.19

0001998: [Scanner] Modify Waste Log to permit saving of Process Order even if the Location flag defines that a PO is not required.
0001997: [Scanner] Invalid Process Order in Waste Log screen not being blanked
0001996: [Software Deployment] Install4j updated to version 9.0.5
Commander4j - 9.18

0001994: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Java 11 version of Commander4j to be bundled with Java openjdk version "11.0.12"
0001993: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Java 8 version of Commander4j to be bundled with Java openjdk version "1.8.0_302"
0001992: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update mysql JDBC to version 8.0.26
Commander4j - 9.17

0001989: [New Feature Requests] Enhance Despatch transaction to permit the inclusion of empty pallets (equipment)
0001986: [Database] Add EQUIPMENT_ID into APP_PALLET and APP_PALLET_HISTORY tables
0001988: [Security] Fix bug with Logon method which occurs sometimes when client and server (db) are running on different operating systems
0001984: [Desktop] Fix bug with picklist import function not updating total number of pallets on despatch
0001978: [Interfaces] Extra characters in xml message header mean that message won't appear in message log if the length exceeds 45 chars
Commander4j - 9.14

0001975: [Scanner] Create Despatch on Scanner with MySQL database encountering null string exception
0001974: [New Feature Requests] Add function to Despatch Screen to allow pick list to be imported from XML file.
Commander4j - 9.13

0001967: [Label Printing] Modified Waste Location Barcode report so that each barcode is A5 (2 per A4)
0001968: [Reports] Add new "Users" report sorted by date of Last Logon so that inactive accounts can be identified and disabled if necessary
0001965: [Installer] Update Install4j to version 9.0.4
0001964: [Desktop] Incorrect text label "lbl_GLN" in Location Admin screen
Commander4j - 9.12

0001959: [Database] Add indexes to APP_WASTE_LOG table
0001958: [Waste Recording] Scanner option always blanks out Process Order when a data validation error is detected during Submit (write)
0001953: [Software Deployment] Bundled Java updated to openjdk version "11.0.11" 2021-04-20 LTS
0001951: [Desktop] Add option to table popup menu's which will permit field value to be copied to clipboard.
Commander4j - 9.08

0001946: [Software Deployment] Install4j updated to version 9.0.3
0001945: [New Feature Requests] Add Containers to Waste Module
0001944: [3rd Party Library Updates] MySQL jdbc updated to 8.0.25
Commander4j - 9.07

0001943: [3rd Party Library Updates] Oracle JDBC Driver updated to Version 21.1
0001942: [3rd Party Library Updates] MS SQL JDBC Driver Update to Version 9.2.1
0001941: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update MySQL JDBC Driver to version 8.0.24
0001940: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports Library to version 6.17 (Java 11 Release)
Commander4j - 9.06

0001939: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Cups4j to version 0.7.8
0001938: [Desktop] Modifications to Waste Module - Add Tare
Commander4j - 9.04

0001925: [Software Deployment] Install4j updated to version 9.0.2
0001924: [3rd Party Library Updates] Cups4j Updated to version 0.7.8
Commander4j - 9.03

0001923: [Email Notifications] Automated emails not working since updating to Java 11
Commander4j - 9.02

0001926: [Software Deployment] Java runtime updated - changed from AdoptOpen to Zulu for Apple Silicon support
Commander4j - 8.10

0001895: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update mySQL JDBC driver to version 8.0.22
0001897: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update MS SQL Server JDBC driver to version 8.4.1
0001890: [Software Deployment] Update Bundled Java to OpenJDK 8 (275)
Commander4j - 8.08

0001876: [New Feature Requests] Add resource selection criteria to Pallet Admin screen.
0001878: [Database] Ensure that all mySQL functions use include DETERMINISTIC type settings so no exceptions are generated during schema creation.
0001875: [New Feature Requests] Amend Label History screen so that number of records retrieved can be configured and is not hard coded to 50 rows
0001874: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports library to 6.15.0
Commander4j - 8.07

0001844: [Software Deployment] Update Bundled Java Runtime to version (AdoptOpenJDK)(build 1.8.0_265-b01)
Commander4j - 8.0.6

0001829: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports library to 6.14.0
Commander4j - 8.0.5

0001826: [Software Deployment] Update install4j to version 8.0.5
0001816: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports Library to version 6.13.0
Commander4j - 8.0.4

0001807: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Install4j to version 8.0.7
Commander4j - 8.02

0001801: [Desktop] Correct bug in unit of measure maintenance screen which saved description in upper case
0001800: [Installer] Install4j updated to version 8.0.6
0001799: [Database] Amend schema creation scripts for Oracle databases to remove quotes and eliminate case sensitive table name issues.
0001798: [Scanner] Add scanner function to allow recording of waste
Commander4j - 8.01

0001797: [Database] Case sensitive table name issue in Waste view selection and erroneous .toUpper in JDBQuery
0001796: [Scanner] Update Cups4j used by servlet scanner app and add additional dependencies
Commander4j - 8.00

0001793: [Database] Major overhaul of mySQL database support on Linux based systems.
0001792: [Software Deployment] First public release of Waste recording module
0001791: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JSerial to version 2.62
0001790: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Java JRE to jdk8u252-b09
0001789: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update mySQL JDBC driver to version 8.0.20
Commander4j - 7.33

0001777: [Database] mySQL database creation on Linux hosts has problems with view names not being consistently lower case
0001778: [Database] Oracle database tables and views created with quotations around name become case sensitive
0001770: [Installer] Install4j updated to version 8.0.5
0001769: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports library to 6.12.2
0001767: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports library to 6.12.1
Commander4j - 7.32

0001757: [Reports] Check all reports for font size issues.
0001756: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update MS SQL JDBC driver to version 8.2.0
0001752: [Database] Amend database collation for all fields in table APP_WEIGHT_SAMPLE_DETAIL to database_default
0001753: [Build Scripts] Update bundled java to OpenJDK Runtime Environment (AdoptOpenJDK)(build 1.8.0_242-b08)
Commander4j - 7.31

0001748: [Installer] Update install4j to version 8.0.4 0001743: [Installer] Change installer so that licence prompt does not appear during auto update,
Commander4j - 7.29

0001736: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update mySQL JDBC library to version 8.0.19
Commander4j - 7.27

0001722: [New Feature Requests] Extend batch number formatting to include PO_PLANT which is the plant determined from the PO Location
0001706: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports Library to version 6.11.0
0001701: [Database] Much improved support for Oracle databases. Min version now 12c
0001700: [Clone Utility] Improve copy of text field with no data
0001697: [Database] Amend Oracle Row Limit from RowNum to FETCH FIRST xxx Syntax
Commander4j - 7.26

0001685: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update mySQL Jdbc connector to version 8.0.18
0001684: [Desktop] Export to Excel problem with PATH being converted to lower case as well as filename - error invalid path
0001683: [Desktop] Fix to printer enumeration generating exception when description is null
Commander4j - 7.25

0001662: [OS Specific Issues] Error loading reports on linux as filename returned from modules is lower case a some reports include upper case chars
0001661: [Reports] Pallet Report Pallet Label A5 has problem with SSCC font wrapping - text field too small.
Commander4j - 7.21

0001653: [Software Deployment] Deploy only packages which include Java Runtime bundled with installer.
0001649: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports Library to version 6.10.0
0001650: [Interfaces] Excel Export for Numeric data being formatted as character data
0001648: [New Feature Requests] Add validation to prevent declaration of pallet > 10% over default full pallet quantity.
Commander4j - 7.15

0001639: [New Feature Requests] New Weight Checks Module
Commander4j - 7.13

0001626: [3rd Party Library Updates] Oracle JDBC Driver updated to version 19.3
0001627: [Installer] Install4j Updated to version 8.0.1
Commander4j - 7.12

0001621: [Desktop] Pallet Admin/Enquiry now supports wild card search of Master Hold Number field
0001622: [Desktop] Bug in SQL command which creates new Production Line (missing parameter)
Commander4j - 7.11

0001618: [Desktop] Add 3rd party open source information to help menu.
0001614: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports Library to version 6.9.0
Commander4j - 7.10

0001606: [Desktop] Update look and feel of user interface
Commander4j - 7.00

0001584: [Desktop] Change Host selection screen to auto highlight first entry
0001583: [Desktop] Filter by Enabled Location on Location Admin screen and add standard record limit option to screen
0001579: [Scanner] Improve screen layout for all scanner web pages
0001581: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports Library to version 6.8.1
Commander4j - 6.09

0001576: [Database] Add new column PREFIX_CODE to Production Line database and include in views for auto labeller
0001575: [Database] mySQL Connection Timout parameter added to jdbc connection string
0001573: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update mySQL Jdbc connector to version 8.0.16
0001574: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update ms sql server Jdbc connector to version 7.2.2
0001556: [Security] Add host (server name) to welcome screen.
Commander4j - 6.08

0001570: [New Feature Requests] Override regional settings
0001544: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JavaMail library to version 1.6.2
Commander4j - 6.07

0001536: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Cup4j from version 0.6.4 to 0.7.6
0001534: [3rd Party Library Updates] Upgrade JasperReports to version 6.8.0
0001535: [Installer] Install4j updated to version 7.0.11
Commander4j - 6.05

0001523: [Database] Add column "required_uom" to view_sync4b
0001524: [Desktop] New system key to set the status of "auto confirm" checkbox on pallet labelling screen.
Commander4j - 6.04

0001516: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports library to version 6.7.1
0001518: [Label Printing] New functions available within label template files to permit pallet weigh to be calculated and printed.
0001517: [Interfaces] Update to inbound file processing file filter
Commander4j - 6.03

0001511: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update mySQL jdbc driver to version 8.0.15
0001508: [Software Deployment] Update install4j to version 7.0.10
0001497: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update MS SQL JDBC driver to version 7.2.1 for Java 8
0001496: [3rd Party Library Updates] Revert SQL Server JDBC driver to version 7.0.0
0001473: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update MS SQL JDBC driver to version 7.2 for Java 8
0001470: [Scanner] Target Apache Tomcat 8.5.37 when building b4web.war
0001469: [Desktop] Remove any journey assigned to despatch when despatch is deleted.
Commander4j - 6.02

0001449: [Installer] Java 1.8.0 (202) now bundled with installer
0001464: [Desktop] Unable to assign "NO JOURNEY" to a despatch
0001463: [Desktop] mySQL specific error using journey ref on screen lookup due to use of view rather than table.
Commander4j - 6.01

0001445: [Installer] Install4j updated to version 7.0.9
0001442: [New Feature Requests] Add popup dynamic lookup option on Batch Admin screen to view Pallet Admin and Pallet History Admin
Commander4j - 6.00

0001431: [Interfaces] Add from and to GLN Location data to Equipment Tracking message
0001424: [Database] Correct join issue with view_pallet_history_expiry in mysql database
0001425: [Desktop] Amend logon error message to ensure it is a foreground dialog box with focus
0001426: [Desktop] Change desktop table / grid look and feed by improving header.
0001427: [Installer] Amend install4j so that the jvm memory paramters -Xms256m -Xmx1024m are removed, Not needed in Java 8
Commander4j - 5.64

0001421: [Desktop] Add popup to table in Process Order Admin to load Pallet History for selected Material
0001422: [Desktop] Add popup to table in Process Order Admin to load Pallet Admin for selected Material
0001420: [Desktop] Add popup to table in Material Admin to load Pallet Admin for selected Material
0001419: [Desktop] Add popup to table in Material Admin to load Pallet History for selected Material
0001418: [Database] Add index on Pallet History table for field MATERIAL
0001416: [Database] Add index on Pallet History table for field PROCESS_ORDER
Commander4j - 5.63

0001408: [Desktop] Duplicate search criteria on Process Order screen for Customer ID
0001412: [New Feature Requests] Add customer search to Pallet History screen
0001410: [Database] Increase column MESSAGE_ERROR in SYS_INTERFACE_LOG to 200 characters
0001407: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update MS SQL Server JDBC driver to version 7.0.0
0001406: [3rd Party Library Updates] mySQL JDBC updated to 8.0.13
0001405: [Database] Correct error in VIEW_QM_RESULTS for mySQL Schema
0001395: [Reports] Update Jasperreports library to version 6.7.0
0001404: [Software Deployment] Bundled java now updated to 8 (1.9.2.)
0001403: [New Feature Requests] Add option to copy/clone Process Order to admin screen.
0001398: [Desktop] Add options to Process Order table popup menu to access Material and Location
Commander4j - 5.62

0001384: [New Feature Requests] Extend Batch Number format logic into Customer Admin
0001382: [Security] User Admin needs to respect min password size 0 when creating random passwords
Commander4j - 5.60

0001352: [Database] Add option to flag Material record as either Enabled or Disabled so obsolete materials can be filtered out.
0001347: [3rd Party Library Updates] mySQL JDBC driver updated to 8.0.12
Commander4j - 5.59

0001330: [Setup] Fix schema export report in Setup4j
0001326: [Setup] Correct bug in setup4j and jdbc connect string function to include non default port for SQL Server
0001329: [Desktop] Fix display of about logo which has hard coded path
Commander4j - 5.58

0001314: [Desktop] General tidy up screen layouts to improve consistency
0001313: [Software Deployment] Update bundled java runtime to Java 1.8.0 (1.8.1)
Commander4j - 5.57

0001278: [New Feature Requests] Add functionality to copy pallets from one commander4j database to another.
0001305: [Database] Column PRINT_COPIES in table APP_LABEL_DATA changed to INT from VARCHAR (SQL Server Only)
0001295: [Interfaces] Include Layers in CSV export
0001300: [New Feature Requests] Add Layers calculation and database column to table APP_LABEL_DATA for Pallet only type transactions.
0001299: [Security] Apply permission to Process Order Label print option.
0001298: [New Feature Requests] Improved layout and filter capability for Production Line Admin screen.
Commander4j - 5.55

0001283: [Label Printing] Change layout of Process Order barcode
0001288: [Desktop] Move the setting of the printer data modified flag to the assignment function in JDialogAssignLabelDataToLine
0001287: [Interfaces] Remove generic outbound label data interface as it's a duplicate of individual printer interfaces.
0001286: [Interfaces] Write label data csv file using temp suffix of .out to prevent early processing by labeller service.
0001280: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports from 6.5.1 to 6.6.0
Commander4j - 5.53

0001249: [Label Printing] Create 2 Case labels for ZPL compatible printers
0001248: [Label Printing] Add PART_NO field from extension table to VIEW_LABEL_DATA view.
0001247: [Database] Ensure that nanoseconds are removed before saving batch expiry dates to the APP_MATERIAL_BATCH table
0001239: [Setup] Add functionality to check for updates to hosts file from remote url.
0001238: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Apache Commons Lang to commons-lang3-3.7.jar
Commander4j - 5.52

0001234: [Database] jdbc connection string for mysql not including port number if non default value specified.
0001233: [New Feature Requests] Add Help button to Setup4j
0001232: [Desktop] Enable beep warning sound when running desktop and setup programs when error dialog appears
0001231: [New Feature Requests] Add buttons on Setup4j to validate paths
0001230: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update bundled java to 8 (1.8.0_172)
0001145: [New Feature Requests] Add new attribute to Material Master data which is used to indicate if 2nd barcode needs to be validated during Prod Confirm
0001229: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Microsoft JDBC drivers to mssql-jdbc-6.4.0.jre8.jar
0001228: [3rd Party Library Updates] Oracle JDBC updated to version
0001227: [3rd Party Library Updates] mysql jdbc library updated to mysql-connector-java-8.0.11.jar
0001226: [Database] Add support for mySQL version 8.x
0001219: [New Feature Requests] Add independent version check and auto update of hosts file.
0001225: [Setup] Add option to Hosts Config (Setup4j) to allow program to open files from user specified locations.
0001222: [Desktop] Error determining override to label module id
0001212: [Desktop] Material Master main screen does not reset module override values when new material is selected.
Commander4j - 5.51

0001213: [Label Printing] Path specific special characters need to be removed from Production Line / Printer names when creating output files for labeller
Commander4j - 5.42

0001200: [Clone Utility] Clone utility is not closing all connections on completion and cannot be run twice in succession.
0001185: [Installer] include install4j.jar in distribution but remove from
0001189: [Interfaces] Remove characters used by OS as path separators from labeller id's when building output filenames
0001179: [New Feature Requests] Add option to schedule interface maintenance task for specific time of day
0001182: [New Feature Requests] Journey selection dialog to automatically filter by despatch destination location id
0001137: [New Feature Requests] Enhance message recovery thread to filter files by file extensions suitable for appropriate file types.
0001136: [Software Deployment] Java updated to version 1.8.0_162
0001134: [Installer] Install4j updated to version 7.04
0001127: [New Feature Requests] Material Locations Admin - provide combo box of valid locations when adding new record.
0001116: [3rd Party Library Updates] JasperReports Library updated to version 6.5.1
Commander4j - 5.41 (2018-01-13)

0001106: [Interfaces] Incoming Material Batch XPath code has typo in XML structure
0001096: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update mySQL JDBC driver from mysql-connector-java-5.1.43-bin to mysql-connector-java-5.1.45-bin
0001097: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Microsoft JDBC from sqljdbc42.jar to mssql-jdbc-6.2.2.jre8.jar
0001095: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update jackcess-2.0.5 to jackcess-2.1.9
0001094: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update from commons-email-1.3.3 to commons-email-1.5
0001093: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update commons-io-2.4 to commons-io-2.6
0001092: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update commons-text-1.1 to commons-text-1.2
0001090: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports library to version 6.5.0
0001091: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update OpenCSV to version 4.1
Commander4j - 5.40 (2017-12-13)

0001089: [Scanner] Add new pallet completion option to scanner menu which requires case label validation.
0001088: [Scanner] Add new option to scanner menu to permit operator to verify GTIN barcodes on case and pallet labels are consistent
0001082: [Reports] Change app ident for Case/Tray Jasper Reports so that EAN is type 01 not 02
0001075: [Interfaces] Inbound Journey messages with wrong location don't display correct message in interface log
0001072: [3rd Party Library Updates] JasperReports updated to version 6.4.3
0001071: [Software Deployment] Bundled Java updated to Java 8 (1.8 152)
0001048: [New Feature Requests] Add data archive routine to delete old data from APP_LABEL_DATA table.
0001045: [New Feature Requests] Add data archive routine to delete pallet data over nominated age.
Commander4j - 5.39 (2017-10-11)

0001069: [Desktop] Add config file to customise application name, web links and support contact email
0001068: [Desktop] Do not display host selection dialog if only 1 host defined.
0000975: [Master Data] Create demo data folders and interfaces which can be enabled to populate an empty database
0000985: [New Feature Requests] New inbound interface to create Locations required.
Commander4j - 5.38 (2017-08-30)

0001053: [Interfaces] Improve email exception message when incoming prod dec has a batch number field which contains too many chars
0001051: [Scanner] Remove trailing spaces from the journey ref field when saved.
0001046: [Database] APP_LABEL_DATA - PROD_QUANTITY and BASE_QUANTITY being transposed when populating via case labelling.
0001049: [Label Printing] pack_label_01.jrxml and pack_label_02.jrxml amendments in issue 0001046
0001047: [Label Printing] Zebra_300dpi_Pack_Label_01.lbl and Zebra_300dpi_Pack_Label_02.lbl amendments in issue 0001046
0001043: [Installer] Install4j updated to 7.02
0001041: [Security] Wrong permission name assigned to user reports Save button
0001018: [Label Printing] Add "Assign to Labeller" option to Finished Goods - Pallet Labeling screen.
0001017: [Reports] Include a new user defined report as standard to Export Despatch data to Excel - DESPATCH_EXP
0001016: [Build Scripts] Oracle schema version 103 contains a hard coded schema (owner) name which needs to be removed.
0001013: [Software Deployment] Update Bundled Java runtime to 1.8.0_144
Commander4j - 5.37 (2017-08-06)

0001015: [Desktop] Fix Production Line Properties so that printers are filtered by group (Pallet / Pack) Group Type
0001007: [Build Scripts] Auto create user defined system queries as part of Schema 106 for QM Panel Sample Labels
0001006: [Build Scripts] Add new database archive definition for APP_JOURNEY table as part of schema 106
0000561: [Documentation] Ensure all application help buttons have relevant wiki pages created.
0001001: [Clone Utility] Clone has not copied nvarchar fields from MS SQL to mysql
0001000: [Installer] JVM command line parameters has wrong path to log4j.xml
0000738: [Desktop] Add new button to Module Admin screen to test selected modules help page - invocation of correct Wiki Page
0000299: [New Feature Requests] Include despatch number in email exception relating to Equipment Tracking warning messages
0000034: [Desktop] Restrict edit Expiry Date by a permission
0000738: [Desktop] Add new button to Module Admin screen to test selected modules help page - invocation of correct Wiki Page
0000999: [Scanner] Update target version of Apache Tomcat to 8.5.16
0000998: [Translations] Refresh Hungarian Translations in Database
0000997: [Translations] Refresh Polish Translations in Database
0000995: [Build Scripts] Upgrade bundled Java to Java 8 Update 141
0000994: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update mySQL jdbc driver to 5.1.43
0000991: [Security] Create 2 new groups JOURNEY_PRINT and JOURNEY_ADMIN during update to version 5.37 Schema 106
0000990: [Scanner] Journey Error Message not cleared from Scanner screen when correct value entered.
0000977: [Build Scripts] Install4j updated to version 7.0
0000971: [Software Deployment] Amend install4j update process so that the "silent update" does not prompt user at all.
0000989: [Build Scripts] Install4j updated to version 7.01
0000982: [Build Scripts] Verify and correct differences in database (data) populated during initial database creation.
0000969: [Reports] Create new report for security audit
0000984: [Database] Column 'resource_key' in table SYS_MODULES needs to be uppercase in MS SQL Schema.
0000976: [Interfaces] Create Interface Log Archive job definitions during schema 106 upgrade. 30 Day retention period.
0000979: [New Feature Requests] Add the ability to specify mixed printer types for a single report.
0000981: [Translations] Refresh Dutch Translations in Database
0000980: [Translations] Refresh Italian Translations in database
0000970: [Translations] Refresh French Translations to database
0000967: [Translations] Refresh Spanish Translations in database
0000968: [3rd Party Library Updates] Upgrade Jasper reports library to 6.4.1
0000974: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update calls to Apache POI to use new methods used by updated libraries included in JasperReports 6.4.1
Commander4j - 5.36 (Released 2017-05-17)

- 0000936: [Interfaces] Allow use of relative paths and {base_dir} token in the output path for case labelling CSV files.
- 0000935: [Desktop] Sometimes Dialog boxes invoked from the Assign Process Order to Production Line screen (Case Labelling) does not get focus
Commander4j - 5.35 (Not Yet Released)

- 0000933: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Oracle JDBC driver to 12c Release 2 (
- 0000932: [Desktop] Sample Label printing does not clear down user defined input fields if executions of user functions fails to find data.
- 0000930: [Software Deployment] Update bundled Java 8 to 131 (8u131)
- 0000929: [Desktop] Add new field to QM Select Lists called "Visible" to permit old codes to be suppressed from drop down boxes without deleting.
- 0000928: [Desktop] Optimise QM Sample Results Update screen to avoid delay redrawing table when user has entered invalid Process Order Number
- 0000927: [3rd Party Library Updates] mySQL JDBC driver updated to version 5.1.41
- 0000925: [Desktop] Add Write Off Reference to Master Holds Header and Reports
- 0000926: [Desktop] Add new option to Analyse Quality Results to Menu
- 0000924: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Microsoft SQL JDBC driver to Version 6.0 Jan 2017 Release
Commander4j - 5.34 (Released 2017-04-01)

- 0000922: [Desktop] Add WRITE_OFF_REF field to Master Hold screen and report.
- 0000921: [Interfaces] Amend DESADV output for Despatch so that JOURNEY REF has auto generated unique value if not specified by user
- 0000920: [Database] Correct column USER_REPORT_ID which has incorrect size in Oracle schema - Table SYS_USER_REPORTS
- 0000916: [Desktop] Modify all Excel Export calls on desktop screens to refresh table data after export.
- 0000915: [Desktop] Add "Limit" to SQL select on Batch Admin Screen
- 0000919: [Database] Add column WRITE_OFF_REF to the APP_MHN table
- 0000918: [Database] Add new columns USER_DATA_3 and USER_DATA_4 to the table APP_QM_SAMPLE
- 0000917: [Reports] Create new User Defined Report type of SYSTEM
- 0000914: [Desktop] Add "Limit" to SQL select on Material Admin Screen
Commander4j - 5.32 (Released 2017-01-10)

- 0000904: [Database] Schema creation and sql scripts have case errors which are apparent when mysql server is running under Linux.
- 0000903: [Interfaces] Extend interface and database to accommodate extra data from Atlas
- 0000902: [Desktop] When deleting a unconfirmed despatch which has a journey ref assigned make sure journey is released.
- 0000901: [Software Deployment] Java 1.8.0_121 bundled with application.
Commander4j - 5.30 (Released 2017-01-09)

- 0000895: [New Feature Requests] Enhancement to Commander Customer Table
Commander4j - 5.28 (Released 2016-11-11)

- 0000874: [Desktop] Dropdown combo box width wrong in Panel data entry table/grid
- 0000873: [Desktop] Enhance Pallet and Tray Labelling by optionally determining batch suffix via Process Order Resource using lookup table.
- 0000872: [Desktop] Add missing icons to Lookup buttons (various screens)
- 0000871: [Desktop] Add new Process Order Resource Lookup table with batch suffix default value
- 0000869: [Desktop] Add Resource Lookup buttons to Process Order screens (Admin & Properties)
- 0000868: [Desktop] Define missing language text setting for Material Location Properties screen
- 0000870: [Desktop] Correct background colour for Resource Properties and Material Location Properties Screen.
- 0000865: [Interfaces] Prevent inbound pallet status change from triggering outbound status change message
Commander4j - 5.27 (Released 2016-10-22)

- 0000864: [Software Deployment] Bundled Java updated to version 1.8.0_112
- 0000863: [New Feature Requests] Button to be added to Desktop Despatch screen to remove currently assigned Journey Ref
- 0000861: [Interfaces] Suppress creation of outbound DESADV message if Despatch contains no pallets.
- 0000860: [Database] Amend database function to round up number of layers on pallet when result is not an integer.
- 0000851: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update MS SQL jdbc driver to 4.2
- 0000849: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports to version 6.3.1.
- 0000850: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update mysql driver to version 5.1.40
Commander4j - 5.26 (Not Yet Released)

- 0000845: [Software Deployment] Bundled version of Java now updated to 1.8.0_101
Commander4j - 5.25 (Released 2016-07-23)

- 0000843: [Label Printing] Add Intermec Fingerprint label printing as an alternative to Zebra ZPL .
Commander4j - 5.23 (Not Yet Released)

- 0000841: [Software Deployment] If user selects installer with bundled jre force that JRE to be installed used even if system has JRE with major version already .
Commander4j - 5.21 (Released 2016-05-28)

- 0000823: [Reports] Upgrade JasperReports library to version 6.2.2 .
- 0000826: [Desktop] Color of checkbox wrong on Despatch screen.
Commander4j - 5.19 (Released 2016-05-14)

- 0000822: [Reports] Exporting audit log to Excel with MS SQL Server database does not export columns of varchar2 .
- 0000825: [Desktop] Desktop (Swing) popup calendar does not work is regional settings has a month representation < 3 characters.
Commander4j - 5.17 (Not Yet Released)

- 0000794: [Security] Setting "Password Change Read" at same time as creating new user account does not work
- 0000793: [Desktop] QC Dictionary Item Properties - combo box for alignment not showing options correctly.
- 0000792: [Desktop] Combobox List width not sizing to accommodate wide items in QC Sample Results screen - Windows Only
Commander4j - 5.16 (Released 2015-09-08)

- 0000795: [Desktop] Password complexity error message does not wrap new lines correctly
Commander4j - 5.14 (Not Yet Released)

- 0000785: [Software Deployment] Update bundled JRE to use Java version 1.8.0_60
- 0000782: [Reports] Printing a report which has been configured to go directly to a printer without displaying dialog generates error.
Commander4j - 5.13 (Released 2015-07-16)

- 0000770: [Security] Special handling of user "interface" required to accommodate password complexity
- 0000771: [Security] Delete user function fails with missing SQL statement when run against MS SQL database
Commander4j - 5.12 (Not Yet Released)

- 0000769: [Software Deployment] Java SE 8 [1.8.0_50] now bundled with application
Commander4j - 5.11 (Not Yet Released)

- 0000766: [Setup] When building schema for mySQL on Linux OS there are errors relating to mixed case table and view names
Commander4j - 5.10 (Released 2015-07-09)

- 0000761: [Desktop] Workstation Validation flag causing null exception when loading Tray/Case label line properties.
- 0000757: [Security] Empty warning message when user account locked due to excess number of bad password attempts.
Commander4j - 5.03 (Not Yet Released)

- 0000756: [Scanner] Update web application to Java 8 and Tomcat 8
- 0000755: [Software Deployment] Updated to Java 8 (1.8) as minimum required version.
Commander4j - 5.02 (Not Yet Released)

- 0000754: [Security] When updating to version 5.x from previous version all current passwords should be converted to lower case (known state)
Commander4j - 5.01 (Not Yet Released)

- 0000752: [Setup] SQL update for MS SQL database schema version 93 has syntax error - 0000751: [3rd Party Library Updates] install4j updated to version 6.03
Commander4j - 5.00 (Released 2015-06-21)

- 0000743: [Security] Add timed account auto-unlock facility - configurable reset time
- 0000748: [Security] Add option to store user passwords within database using a encrypted format.
- 0000747: [3rd Party Library Updates] JasperReports updated to version 6.1.0
- 0000746: [Database] Increase size of TEXT field in SYS_LANGUAGE from 150 to 250 chars to accommodate multi line messages for Password errors
- 0000742: [Security] Add user disabled option in addition to account locked flag.
- 0000741: [Security] Ensure password cannot contain user id
Commander4j - 4.61 (Not Yet Released)

- 0000740: [Desktop] Enforce field length check / restriction on all data entry screens to prevent user input exceeding database field sizes
- 0000633: [Interfaces] Invalid date on outbound despatch confirmation blocks the outbound message queue.
- 0000731: [Security] Option to prevent passwords being re-used added.
- 0000732: [3rd Party Library Updates] mySQL JDBC updated to 5.1.35
- 0000730: [Security] Amend max number of characters that password entry fields can accept from 10 to 20.
- 0000728: [New Feature Requests] Add additional validation to case label printing in the form of a list of valid workstations per production line.
- 0000726: [Scanner] Update Apache Tomcat to version 7.0.61
- 0000725: [Reports] Standardise reports looks and feel.
- 0000667: [Software Deployment] Update version of install4j used to version 6.03
- 0000723: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports Library to version 6.04
- 0000724: [Software Deployment] Update bundled Java Runtime included with installer to
- 0000719: [Security] Add option to module admin screen to display groups to which selected module has been assigned.
- 0000720: [Security] Add new function to user admin screen to permit an existing user profile to be cloned/copied.
- 0000718: [Security] Add option to list users which belong to selected group on the group admin screen.
- 0000717: [Interfaces] Auto archive of backup interface messages is not deleting files, just reporting files that would be deleted.
- 0000715: [Desktop] Setup screen for Production Lines which includes resource validation does not load current status when editing
- 0000689: [Security] Scanner logon not respecting max number of invalid password attempts and not locking account when exceeded.
- 0000694: [Security] Add option to export Groups to Excel
- 0000690: [Security] Remove passwords from function to export user database to Excel
- 0000714: [Security] Modify user creation screen so that new record is only written to database after all fields have been completed inc password
- 0000713: [Security] Extend password field to 20 characters
- 0000698: [New Feature Requests] For convenience add Material Locations button to Material Properties Form
- 0000697: [Desktop] User reports "Save" button has missing icon
- 0000692: [Reports] RPT_REASONS report not working or missing
- 0000691: [Security] Add option to force user to use complex passwords using mixed case and non alpha characters
- 0000665: [Email Notifications] Extend email address field within Interface Admin module to accept more addresses.
- 0000678: [Database] Extend ID field in SYS_ARCHIVE table from 15 chars to 40
- 0000658: [Build Scripts] Update bundled java with version 4.60 to JRE
- 0000653: [Desktop] PL Language ID missing from User Preferences List and Translations Screen
- 0000649: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Oracle JDBC drive to latest release for 12c
- 0000648: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update mySQL JDBC to version 5.1.34
- 0000644: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update MS SQL JDBC class to 4.1
- 0000631: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update OpenCSV to version 3.1
Commander4j - 4.60 (Released 2014-12-26)

- 0000612: [Desktop] Unable to rename user id.
- 0000611: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update jasperreports library to version 6.0.0
Commander4j - 4.58 (Released 2014-11-21)

- 0000350: [New Feature Requests] Data Archive feature required.
- 0000553: [Setup] Prevent Setup4j from applying updates when target database is newer than setup program
- 0000607: [Security] Record workstation that user uses when logging into application against users record. Add workstation_id to users report.
- 0000606: [Security] New Login Mode needed PASSTHROUGH_FALLBACK to compliment current modes LOCAL and PASSTHROUGH
Commander4j - 4.57 (Released 2014-11-07)

- 0000603: [Desktop] Syntax in SQL update command blocking reset/resend of Label Data
- 0000598: [Desktop] Despatch confirmation common code not updating despatch confirmation date - error manifested with desktop app only
- 0000597: [Desktop] Population of available resources on the Production Line Properties screen not working,
- 0000595: [Desktop] Checkbox backgroud is white instead of grey when run on Windows platform
- 0000594: [Label Printing] Auto Labeller Lines screen has Resend button to re-process data - not working.
Commander4j - 4.56 (Not Yet Released)

- 0000589: [Label Printing] Trap null values (strings) being returned from database when evaluating functions in label layouts
- 0000588: [Interfaces] Additional selection criteria and columns added to Interface Log screen
- 0000587: [Website] New downloads page added with links to SoftPedia, MacInformer and SourceForge
- 0000586: [New Feature Requests] Add new function DATATIME for label processing function which allows field name an format spec to be passed to it
- 0000584: [Interfaces] CSV File creating routine needs updating to use Labeller ID AND Group ID to retrieve labeller data and build export filenames,
- 0000582: [Reports] Archive report not included in build 4.56
- 0000581: [New Feature Requests] Add CUSTOMER ID search criteria to Process Order Admin screen.
Commander4j - 4.55 (Released 2014-10-17)

- 0000579: [New Feature Requests] Add automatic database archive function to interface maintenance task so that old data is purge after x days
- 0000575: [Setup] Amend default auto update logic so that previous non JRE installed version will update view JRE bundled page to get Java 7
- 0000573: [Clone Utility] When cloning TO and Oracle database an error is encountered on SYS_LANGUAGES due to mnemonic field being 1 byte.
- 0000537: [New Feature Requests] Add new extension table to Commander4j Materials data to hold customer specific information - like part number
- 0000571: [Interfaces] Update inbound material master and process order interfaces to set additional fields in customer database when auto created.
- 0000570: [Desktop] Change layout on Materials Properties screen to accommodate new Customer Data button
- 0000569: [Desktop] Printer (Labeller) Properties screen not loading existing values into fields as it's passing incorrect number of params to SQL
- 0000568: [Desktop] Quantity column is too narrow on Master Hold Assign selection table grid
- 0000567: [Desktop] Remove double click event handler from table grid on Master Hold Properties Screen
- 0000566: [Desktop] Syntax Error in MS SQL statement preventing Interface Log Archive button from removing old log records.
Commander4j - 4.54 (Released 2014-10-02)

- 0000564: [3rd Party Library Updates] Incorrect jar files referenced in manifest causing version 4.53 not to start.
Commander4j - 4.53 (Released 2014-10-02)

- 0000559: [New Feature Requests] Amend Pallet & Pack Labelling screens so that manually typed process orders now warn if order not in Ready/Running status.
- 0000297: [Interfaces] Add check for 0 byte files to inbound interface validation
- 0000298: [Interfaces] Add disk free space into Daily Interface Status Reports
- 0000392: [New Feature Requests] Add new auto archive feature to backup directories which will delete files after x-days
- 0000556: [Desktop] Material UOM Admin table grid has wrong background colour
- 0000555: [Desktop] Material UOM Admin screen has Help button mislabeled as Add,
- 0000551: [New Feature Requests] Enhance inbound file interface to sort files by date/time modified before processing
- 0000548: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports to 5.6.1
- 0000535: [Desktop] Icon file contains a minor white line across bottom edge which needs correcting
- 0000543: [Desktop] Type of CheckBox's on Location Properties is wrong and shows background colour as white.
- 0000542: [Desktop] Default status (enabled/disabled) for new Locations needs to be Enabled.
- 0000545: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Apache Commons Libraries
- 0000546: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update CSV and MSAccess Libraries
- 0000547: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update mySQL JDBC library
Commander4j - 4.52 (Released 2014-09-12)

- 0000532: [Desktop] Refresh all language translations in database and insert any missing values.
Commander4j - 4.51 (Released 2014-08-30)

- 0000528: [Database] Oracle table SYS_PRINTERS uses wrong data type for field PORT - should be varchar2(10)
- 0000527: [Desktop] Pallet History and Pallet Enquiry screens not generating correct SQL with Oracle Databases to limit number of rows returned.
- 0000521: [Email Notifications] Simplify the end of day email reports to be only 1 email instead of the current 3
- 0000290: [Reports] Modify Despatch Reporting
Commander4j - 4.50 (Released 2014-08-09)

- 0000495: [Scanner] Add password change option to Scanner Menu
- 0000492: [New Feature Requests] Migrate source to Java 1.7 code base. Discontinue support for Java 1.6
Commander4j - 4.33 (Released 2014-06-07)

- 0000497: [Clone Utility] Clone utility includes ms-sql system table "sysdiagrams" in table count with can prevent it from cloning
- 0000483: [Desktop] Java 1.7 running on OSX and Linux - Printer Select not working due to printer queue name being returned instead of description.
- 0000448: [New Feature Requests] Amend User ID rename function so that it includes new user defined reports module.
- 0000482: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports to 5.6.0
Commander4j - 4.32 (Released 2014-06-06)

- 0000481: [Database] Database view VIEW_AUTO_LABELLER does not work since PROCESS_ORDER field was moved to APP_LABEL_DATA table.
Commander4j - 4.26 (Released 2014-04-12)

- 0000463: [Label Printing] Reprint Label option on Production Declaration Screen generates a "Parameter 1 missing" error message
Commander4j - 4.25 (Released 2014-04-04)

- 0000461: [Reports] ZPL Pallet Label with embedded new expression does not pad out fixed length Application ID's GTIN / Variant in demo labels.
Commander4j - 4.22 (Released 2014-04-25)

- 0000451: [New Feature Requests] Add new feature "PASSTHROUGH" authentication so that users are automatically logged in with their Windows AD account.
- 0000450: [Database] Create new database view to include both CU and DU GTIN codes for Case/Tray label printing.
- 0000449: [Interfaces] Add CSV output interface to generate CSV data for Logopak auto labellers on request for Tray / Case label printing.
- 0000447: [New Feature Requests] New System Keys added for Password Min and Max sizes
- 0000446: [New Feature Requests] Support for Windows Services changed from JavaServiceWrapper to inbuilt support within Install4j
- 0000445: [3rd Party Library Updates] Updated jdbc drivers to latest versions for mysql and Oracle
Commander4j - 4.21 (Not Yet Released)

- 0000440: [Label Printing] New expression evaluation module added to permit simple functions to be declared within .lbl files
Commander4j - 4.20 (Released 2014-02-26)

- 0000437: [Database] Bug introduced with new conditional label definitions broke create option for Materials, Customers and Materials Types.
- 0000434: [Desktop] Bug which prevented new Customer/Material & Material Type records being created
Commander4j - 4.16 (Released 2014-02-16)

- 0000432: [Database] Extend size of Despatch number field to accommodate up to 18 characters
- 0000431: [New Feature Requests] New function to specifically print Pack labels (non-sccc) based labels.
- 0000430: [New Feature Requests] Add additional configuration options to allow alternate label designs to be linked to Customer, Material or Material Type
Commander4j - 4.15 (Not Yet Released)

- 0000429: [Scanner] Symbol Pocket Browser meta tags need amending so that Battery and Signal indicators are in correct position for MC9190
- 0000427: [Clone Utility] Clone utility not handling data types correctly when target DB is Oracle.
- 0000422: [New Feature Requests] Add Polish translations to application.
- 0000421: [New Feature Requests] Add German translations to application.
- 0000420: [New Feature Requests] Add French translations to application.
- 0000419: [Desktop] Toolbar button labels which contain words of more than 10 characters cause wrapping of text and need trimming.
Commander4j - 4.14 (Released 2014-01-19)

- 0000269: [Reports] Improve error handling for server side default printer lookup. Service Permissions issue.
- 0000415: [Documentation] Amend url for "No Help Found" to point to wiki pages.
- 0000414: [3rd Party Library Updates] Upgrade version of commons-email library and add system keys to enable/disable SSL on SMTP
- 0000310: [Reports] Exception in Printer Selection routine of there is no default printer
- 0000412: [Reports] Add links to existing Auto Labeller database so that one or more label printers can be linked to Production Line.
- 0000411: [Reports] Add Label Printer database to drive direct TCP/IP printing to Zebra, Logopak Printers etc.
- 0000410: [Desktop] Mini Toolbar in Tree menu should not be floating and needs attribute to fix location
- 0000405: [Interfaces] Database view which includes {PROCESS_ORDER} in batch number is not substituting the correct value
Commander4j - 4.12 (Released 29-12-2013)

- 0000401: [Desktop] Enlarge buttons on desktop toolbar and add legend to describe function
- 0000393: [Database] Update Schema Build Script to include Customer Name in Labeller View
- 0000400: [Setup] xml DTD for Hosts File needs updating to reflect additional fields.
- 0000399: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update JasperReports to 5.5.0
- 0000398: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update to JavaMail API 1.4.7
- 0000397: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update of CUPS printer library to 0.6.4
Commander4j - 4.11 (Released 2013-10-08)

- 0000396: [New Feature Requests] Add Spanish Translations to Application
- 0000387: [Setup] Enhance installer to permit custom hosts file to be supplied with pre-configured values
Commander4j - 4.09 (Released 2013-10-08)

- 0000362: [Documentation] Wiki updated for new User Reports module.
- 0000357: [3rd Party Library Updates] Email libraries updated to latest version - better support for gmail
- 0000361: [Database] Simple shift patterns table added to schema for simplifying report criteria selection.
- 0000360: [Desktop] General tidy up of screen layouts - consistent button sizes and font anomalies
- 0000358: [New Feature Requests] New data export option within User Reports - export to MS-Access
- 0000356: [Desktop] Popup calendar button/font size inconsistent with rest of application.
- 0000355: [Clone Utility] Cross Platform database clone utility bug in schema evaluation causing out of memory
- 0000354: [Desktop] Edit Pallet function showing current EAN from Material Master rather than original from SSCC record.
- 0000349: [New Feature Requests] Add hoc user reports function added
- 0000348: [Desktop] Font on pop-up calendar non standard
- 0000340: [New Feature Requests] Add new field to Location Table to indicate if item is Active. Hide from view if not.
Commander4j - 4.08 (Released 2013-07-17)

- 0000331: [Database] Correct field name error in mySQL schema table APP_QM_DICTIONARY
- 0000330: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update mySQL drivers to 5.1.28
- 0000328: [3rd Party Library Updates] JasperReports Library updated to version 5.1.2
- 0000329: [3rd Party Library Updates] Java Service Wrapper updated to version 3.5.19
- 0000323: [Reports] Improve MHN List report creation speed.
Commander4j - 4.07 (Not Yet Released)

- 0000317: [New Feature Requests] Increase maximum rows that can be exported to Excel to 65535
Commander4j - 4.06 (Released 2013-06-05)

- 0000319: [Reports] Code128 Barcode Mode Switching Problem can block trailing characters where batch uses odd number of alphabetic chars
- 0000318: [Reports] Add Unicode Character support to Label Printing in Zebra (ZPL) mode.
Commander4j - 4.05 (Released 2013-04-04)

- 0000292: [New Feature Requests] Improve Error Reporting when EAN Check digit is wrong on incoming material master message
Commander4j - 4.04 (Released 2013-03-06)

- 0000273: [New Feature Requests] Update JDBQuery class to perform better with huge database result sets when user defined limit applied.
Commander4j - 4.03 (Released 2013-02-24)

- 0000275: [Desktop] Function to Edit Master Hold Notice slow loading due to inefficient SQL query.
- 0000274: [Database] Create utility program to allow Commander4j databases to be moved between mySQL, MS-SQL and Oracle instances.
- 0000271: [Desktop] Unable to delete history records from Interface Log Admin screen due to sql syntax error.
Commander4j - 4.02 (Released 2013-02-16)

- 0000265: [Database] SQL script error in MS SQL schema effecting Menu Admin screen (assigned modules not displaying) .
- 0000263: [New Feature Requests] Add Auto Labeller Control Panel to Commander4j desktop .
- 0000264: [Database] Modify character set and database/table collation to uft8 in mySQL schema .
Commander4j - 4.00 (Released 2013-01-13)

- 0000242: [Desktop] Confirm/Print button should be disabled on Production Declaration screen if Process Order is invalid
- 0000243: [Desktop] QM Enquiry screen does not generate correct SQL query field delimiter for MS SQL databases
- 0000247: [New Feature Requests] Display warning on label printing screen if pallet quantity is 0
- 0000248: [Desktop] Modify QM Label Printing screen to permit user to override system date & time
- 0000259: [Setup] Add option to password protect the Setup4j program
- 0000258: [New Feature Requests] Add automatic update function to the Commander4j desktop application.
- 0000257: [Database] Oracle schema update for version 60 contains syntax error.
- 0000256: [Desktop] Default help button loads old Wiki web page location and needs updating.
- 0000255: [New Feature Requests] Update JasperReports library to version 5.0.0
- 0000195: [Setup] Prevent Setup program from lowering (downgrading) required program version. - closed.
Commander4j - 3.98 (Released 2012-10-20)

- 0000240: [Desktop] NumberCellEditor importing wrong class
- 0000239: [Database] Amend syntax of view VIEW_PALLET_EXPIRY to use left joins so that it works when no batch record exists
- 0000238: [Database] mySQL APP_MATERIAL database definition for weights has wrong number of decimal places.
- 0000237: [Setup] Unit of Measure 'LAY' not being created during initial installation of schema
Commander4j - 3.97 (Released 2012-10-12)

- 0000236: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Jasper Reports Library to 4.71
- 0000233: [Database] Help System - Amend url in database to point to new WIKI pages
- 0000234: [Desktop] Manual Material add via desktop requires 2 attempts as initial create does not fill in details.
- 0000235: [Database] Despatch to self blocked when using desktop function to despatch.
Commander4j - 3.96 (Released 2012-09-07)

- 0000231: [Desktop] Create new pallet function within Pallet Admin does not create a new record.
- 0000230: [Scanner] Deleting SSCC from scanner redirects to wrong screen after completion.
- 0000229: [Scanner] Deleting a despatch on the desktop while the same despatch is active on scanner causes problems
- 0000228: [Reports] Additional error reporting required where report specifies missing label file.
Commander4j - 3.95 (Released 2012-08-11)

- 0000224: [Database] Syntax error in MS SQL schema update script effecting a view.
Commander4j - 3.94 (Released 2012-07-31)

- 0000221: [Database] Occasional record locking issues with scanner and interfaces.
- 0000223: [Interfaces] Syntax error in MS SQL insert statement for Process Order inbound interface introduced in 3.393 fixed
- 0000222: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update jdbc driver for MS SQL databases.
- 0000220: [New Feature Requests] Add configuration option to permit despatch source and destination to be the same if required.
Commander4j - 3.93 (Released 2012-07-30)

- 0000219: [Desktop] Quality Control Data Grid does not permit numeric values to be blanked out.
Commander4j - 3.92 (Released 2012-07-23)

- 0000218: [New Feature Requests] Implement rolling log files to limit disk space consumption.
- 0000217: [Interfaces] New outbound interface messages added for Pallet Split and Pallet Delete
- 0000216: [New Feature Requests] Function to split and existing pallet and create a new one.
- 0000215: [New Feature Requests] Add Pallet Delete Function to Scanner Menu
Commander4j - 3.91 (Released 2012-07-19)

- 0000214: [New Feature Requests] Modify delete pallet function to validate if pallet is confirmed and check quantity is zero
- 0000213: [Desktop] Popup menu on Interface Log Screen using wrong class/font.
- 0000212: [New Feature Requests] Improve "Assign Service" function to recreate wrapper.conf from uo to date template file.
- 0000211: [New Feature Requests] Add capability to report on labels generated but never confirmed.
- 0000210: [Desktop] Popup Calendar not displaying arrows on buttons to change year
Commander4j - 3.90 (Released 2012-07-16)

- 0000208: [Scanner] Scanner takes long time to confirm large despatches - potential timeout issue.
- 0000209: [Desktop] Assigned pallets sometimes not being refreshed on screen when switching to "Confirmed" view.
- 0000207: [Desktop] Despatch Screen (Date) field incorrectly formatted.
Commander4j - 3.85 (Released 2012-07-13)

- 0000206: [3rd Party Library Updates] Error when starting program re Timestamp class not being found
Commander4j - 3.84 (Released 2012-06-26)

- 0000204: [3rd Party Library Updates] Upgrade Java Service Wrapper to version 3.5.14
- 0000203: [3rd Party Library Updates] Upgrade JasperReports to version 4.6.0
Commander4j - 3.83 (Released 2012-05-04)

- 0000205: [New Feature Requests] Add Quality Control Module to Application
- 0000202: [Desktop] Label Printing does not automatically produce label when user manually specifies SSCC
Commander4j - 3.81 (Released 2012-01-28)

- 0000199: [Reports] Laser Pallet Barcode looking at SSCC Expiry field instead of Batch Expiry Field
- 0000198: [Reports] Jasper Reports throwing errors due to date (month) evaluation issues with barcode field,
- 0000197: [Desktop] Regular Expression on Batch Number format cannot detect case sensitive errors,
- 0000196: [Reports] Pallet Label "Letter" Laser Report does not work
Commander4j - 3.80 (Released 2011-12-13)

- 0000192: [Setup] Lower case table names referenced in mySQL schema script causing upgrade errors.
- 0000191: [Interfaces] Update Java Service Wrapper to version 3.5.13
- 0000190: [Reports] Update Jasper Reports to version 4.5
- 0000189: [New Feature Requests] Update email sending library to support Gmail.
- 0000188: [New Feature Requests] Add option to suppress splash screen on startup - faster screen refresh for Terminal Services
Commander4j - 3.73 (Released 2011-12-06)

- 0000187: [Desktop] Summary reports option on Pallet Admin and Pallet History causes error messages on grid display.
Commander4j - 3.72 (Released 2011-11-17)

- 0000150: [Reports] Amend code so that reports have an independent database connection.
- 0000186: [New Feature Requests] Add EAN Check Digit verification to Material UOM's screen.
- 0000185: [Setup] Setup4j did not respect non default port number for MS SQL databases
Commander4j - 3.71 (Released 2011-11-13)

- 0000184: [Reports] Improved Barcode Reports for Laser (non Zebra) printers
Commander4j - 3.70 (Released 2011-11-08)

- 0000180: [Desktop] Update context sensitive help to work with WIki Pages
- 0000181: [Desktop] Missing Resource (Language) ID's in MHN Decision and Reason screens
- 0000182: [Reports] EAN Font size too large on Laser Label Report
- 0000183: [Desktop] Centralise control over font sizes within application code.
Commander4j - 3.63 (Released 2011-10-28)

- 0000179: [Reports] Paper/Print width is not being defined explicitly within the Zebra ZPL label commands.
- 0000178: [Desktop] Font properties not being specifically set for popup menus.
Commander4j - 3.62 (Released 2011-09-27)

- 0000177: [New Feature Requests] Modify desktop help engine to permit help pages to point to Wiki
- 0000176: [Interfaces] Update Java Service Wrapper to version 3.5.12
- 0000175: [Reports] Upgrade JasperReports to version 4.1.2
Commander4j - 3.61 (Released 2011-09-21)

- 0000174: [New Feature Requests] Include application version number in routine Interface Maintenance Emails.
- 0000173: [Interfaces] Update Java Service Wrapper to version 3.5.11
- 0000172: [Interfaces] Email alerts not working if email address contains underscore character.
Commander4j - 3.60 (Released 2011-09-07)

- 0000162: [Reports] Process Order Barcode report (GUI) does not work.
- 0000143: [Desktop] Database connection error dialog when running on Linux is not visible - obscured by splash screen
- 0000171: [Desktop] Despatch Screen not showing last n despatches correctly
- 0000170: [Desktop] Expiry (BBE) rounding rule not applied if user selects manual override option
Commander4j - 3.56 (Released 2011-08-18)

- 0000169: [New Feature Requests] Named threads would help interpreting log files.
- 0000168: [Reports] Process Order Barcode Report not working
- 0000167: [Scanner] Despatch Menu not displayed after update to JDBQuery - not getting correct host/session id's
- 0000166: [Desktop] Default sequence in table grid is wrong for Pallet History Screen.
- 0000165: [Interfaces] Default permissions for INTERFACE group needs ADD/EDIT/DELETE included.
- 0000164: [Database] Column name WORKSTATION_ID is too small in Oracle table SYS_INTERFACE_REQUEST
- 0000163: [Database] Oracle table SYS_INTERFACE_REQUEST contains a column which is a reserved name - MODE
- 0000160: [New Feature Requests] Implement updates to database query libraries to standardise across SQL syntax implementations.
- 0000161: [Database] Review code for database resource leaking issues.
- 0000159: [Database] Change column name from COMMENT to COMMENTS in APP_MHN (Oracle reserved word)
- 0000158: [Database] When running against Oracle 11g database you can run out of available cursors.
Commander4j - 3.55 (Released 2011-08-03)

- 0000157: [Reports] Change all report filenames to lower case for Linux installs
- 0000156: [Reports] Pallet Report does not work in mySQL Linux environment
- 0000155: [Desktop] Splash screen obscures error message dialogs when running in Linux.
Commander4j - 3.54 (Released 2011-06-23)

- 0000153: [New Feature Requests] Auto create new units of measure encountered in incoming material definition messages.
- 0000152: [New Feature Requests] Include message as attachment to all emails which relate to interfaces.
- 0000151: [Setup] mySQL database script error when creating database on Linux host due to case sensitivity
- 0000149: [Desktop] Missing jar in commander4j.jar manifest preventing print queue from being changed in OSX
Commander4j - 3.53 (Released 2011-05-18)

- 0000146: [Desktop] Specific manner in editing pallet quantity gives strange results
- 0000145: [New Feature Requests] Allow web menu to link to external applications.
- 0000144: [Reports] Font for SSCC on Pallet Label too large when run under Linux
Commander4j - 3.52 (Released 2011-05-14)

- 0000142: [Interfaces] Update Java Service Wrapper to version 3.5.9
- 0000141: [Reports] Upgrade JasperReports to version 4.02
Commander4j - 3.51 (Released 2011-04-21)

- 0000140: [Reports] Report - Material UOMS not working due to error in font specification.
- 0000138: [Interfaces] Missing (incorrectly named) column in SYS_INTERFACE_REQUEST table in mySQL schema
- 0000137: [Setup] Create updated OSX Icons for Application
- 0000136: [Interfaces] Interfaced Material Master updates sometimes return error code when they have processed OK
- 0000124: [Desktop] Title bar does not display correct name on System Information screen.
- 0000135: [Setup] Value of BATCH FORMAT System Key created incorrectly during database configure
- 0000128: [Desktop] Numeric JSpinner controls used by desktop (Limit) function not using correct fonts. - closed.
- 0000134: [Interfaces] Interface routines using incorrect path separator on Linux / OS X machines. - closed.
- 0000133: [Desktop] Interface Log Screen not retrieving records due to error in SQL syntax for mySQL - closed.
- 0000132: [Database] Amend mySQL database creation scripts to use uppercase table and field names. - closed.
- 0000123: [Reports] Cannot select (change) default print queue from Commander4j when running under OS X - closed.
Commander4j - 3.42 (Released 2011-04-19)

- 0000122: [Reports] Printing ZPL direct to Zebra Print Queue on MAC OS X does not work. - closed.
- 0000118: [Interfaces] Printing from Scanner on RF Device can block interface thread if print queue / report errors encountered - closed.
- 0000127: [Desktop] Toolbar button sizes incorrect when running under OS X - closed.
- 0000125: [Desktop] Date input controls using default (incorrect fonts) - closed.
- 0000126: [Desktop] Mac OS X System Menu not being used by application - closed.
- 0000129: [Desktop] Default internal window background colour is wrong OS X - closed.
- 0000130: [Desktop] Background to Tables is defaulting to white under OS X - closed.
- 0000131: [Desktop] Icon missing from delete button on Interface Admin Screen. - closed.
Commander4j - 3.41 (Released 2011-04-06)

- 0000120: [Desktop] Location validation option not working properly - closed.
Commander4j - 3.40 (Released 2011-03-05)

- 0000119: [Desktop] Regional settings not being used correctly when displaying and updating quantity fields - closed.
Commander4j - 3.29 (Released 2011-01-20)

- 0000117: [Scanner] Scanned SSCC added to despatch needs to have location the same as the Source Location of Despatch - closed.
- 0000116: [Desktop] Confirming a Despatch on the desktop software does not re-validate the despatch status - potentially allowing duplicate confirm - closed.
Commander4j - 3.28 (Released 2011-01-05)

- 0000115: [Desktop] Year component of Batch Number calculation will reflect current year and not Production Year
- 0000114: [Interfaces] Upgrade Java Service Wrapper to version 3.5.6 - closed.
- 0000113: [Scanner] Add multi language support to HTML web pages. Extend Desktop functionality to RF Scanners - closed.
- 0000112: [Desktop] Display print queues in alphabetical order. - closed.
- 0000111: [Reports] Upgrade Jasper Reports to 4.0.0 - closed.
- 0000110: [Interfaces] Extend content of inbound Material Master Message to include list of valid locations for material. - closed.
- 0000109: [New Feature Requests] Add additional data fields to XML Despatch Confirmation output message for external processing by middleware. - closed.
- 0000107: [Reports] Upgrade Barcode4j Library to version 2.1 - closed.
Commander4j - 3.27 (Released 2011-01-05)

- 0000108: [New Feature Requests] Add option to validate material destinations during despatch. - closed.
Commander4j - 3.26 (Released 2010-12-07)

- 0000106: [New Feature Requests] Add option to restrict despatches of materials to certain locations. - closed.
- 0000105: [Desktop] Desktop on 3.25 fails to start as .jar manifest had not been updated to point to new JasperReports 3.7.6 - closed.
Commander4j - 3.25 (Released 2010-10-27)

- 0000099: [Interfaces] Production Declaration from External Systems allows SSCC Expiry Date to be Earlier than Production Date.
- 0000095: [Scanner] Cannot scan new pallets onto despatch if no destination location has been selected.
- 0000104: [Reports] Upgrade JasperReports to 3.7.6 - closed.
- 0000103: [New Feature Requests] Record application version against user id during login to validate users have latest version. - closed.
- 0000102: [Interfaces] Rare cases where interface file recovery thread and inbound message thread clash over concurrent access to file. - closed.
- 0000101: [Desktop] Add Italian to supported Languages. - closed.
Commander4j - 3.24 (Released 2010-09-24)

- 0000094: [New Feature Requests] Allow more than 3 labels per SSCC to be printed.
- 0000090: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Jasper Reports to 3.7.5
- 0000089: [Reports] MHN Summary (Detail) report generates a SQL Error
- 0000087: [Desktop] Editing a pallet's material number is not reflected in the "Edit pallet" screen.
- 0000088: [3rd Party Library Updates] Update Java Service Wrapper to 3.5.4
Commander4j - 3.23 (Released 2010-09-17)

- 0000086: [Database] Search function for new pallets in MHN module not finding records in Oracle databases due to null in query
- 0000084: [New Feature Requests] Add facility to update selected database within the service wrapper config file.
Commander4j - 3.22 (Released 2010-09-11)

- 0000025: [Scanner] Font size on scanner screens is too small
- 0000076: [Scanner] What is the scanner timeout setting for the Commander4j web application.
- 0000077: [New Feature Requests] Link Pallet Status Change to Decision Change in new MHN Module
- 0000075: [Scanner] Microsoft Jscript runtime error
- 0000082: [Setup] Allow users to ignore SQLerrors raised by execution of SQL upgrade scripts.
- 0000081: [New Feature Requests] Display Confirmation Status of Pallet in Table as CheckBox instead of "Yes" or "No"
- 0000080: [Desktop] Link MHN Decisions to equivalent Pallet Status codes and change. Changing a decision therefore automatically updates status.
- 0000079: [Setup] Run Setup4j with elevated permissions so that it has read/write to commander config in installed directory.
- 0000078: [New Feature Requests] Improve table scrolling performance by caching recordset data
Commander4j - 3.21 (Released 2010-09-04)

- 0000074: [Desktop] Cannot cancel export to spreadsheet once filename dialog has appeared.
- 0000073: [Database] Bug in mySQL update script for version 3.20 (schema version 36)
Commander4j - 3.20 (Released 2010-08-26)

- 0000072: [New Feature Requests] New Quality Control Module called "Master Holds" added to system.
- 0000071: [Reports] JasperReports containing SubReports linked to the Primary Reports ResultSet are not visible.
Commander4j - 3.18 (Released 2010-08-03)

- 0000066: [Desktop] Request data validation on pallet quantity.
- 0000070: [New Feature Requests] Include feature to generate email to admin user when interface service is stopped or started.
- 0000067: [Scanner] Combo Box on Despatch screen is too wide for Symbol MC90xx scanner screen.
- 0000069: [Interfaces] Upgrade service wrapper to version 3.5.3
- 0000068: [Interfaces] Add functionality to perform maintenance after x number of transactions processed.
- 0000065: [Setup] Syntax error in Oracle version of SQL setup script.
Commander4j - 3.17 (Released 2010-07-21)

- 0000064: [Scanner] Double clicking confirmation button on despatch attempts to process transaction twice.
- 0000063: [Reports] Upgrade JasperReports to version 3.7.4
- 0000062: [Interfaces] Upgrade service wrapper to version 3.5.2
- 0000061: [Database] Add additional indexes to main tables to improve retrieval speeds for enquiries
- 0000060: [Interfaces] Equipment Tracking Interface sometimes getting wrong transaction number.
- 0000059: [Scanner] Suppress caching of JSP pages.
Commander4j - 3.16 (Released 2010-07-05)

- 0000056: [Desktop] SSCC's out of numeric sequence from Production Declaration Screen when generating multiple records.
- 0000057: [Desktop] Interface Log Screen - Date & Time of Event Selection Criteria does not work
- 0000058: [Database] Popup Date & Time Selection Control not included on Interface Log Screen
- 0000055: [Reports] Possible Resource Leak when running Reports via RF Scanner Web interface.
- 0000054: [Reports] SQL error when running Despatch Report against an Oracle Database
- 0000053: [Interfaces] Update Java Service Wrapper to 3.5.1
- 0000052: [Interfaces] Inbound Material Master message which has a invalid UOM conversion factor does not trigger exception handling
- 0000051: [Desktop] Drop down list of Transaction Subtypes does not include PRINT
- 0000050: [Reports] Recommend reduction in Finished Goods Label Company Name Font to allow more characters to be printed.
Commander4j - 3.15 (Released 2010-06-26)

- 0000049: [New Feature Requests] Improve class responsible generation of new SSCC's to reduce record locking and network I/O
Commander4j - 3.14 (Released 2010-06-24)

- 0000048: [Scanner] Broken sessions to web interface attempting to resume without using the initial home page can lock servlet.
Commander4j - 3.12 (Released 2010-06-17)

- 0000047: [Interfaces] Pallet Status Change messages which do not include a SSCC in the messages causing looping in interface module.
Commander4j - 3.11 (Released 2010-06-07)

- 0000046: [Database] Improve reporting of record locking errors to user.
- 0000002: [New Feature Requests] Interface reporting via emails do not currently support emailing on a successful message only errors.
- 0000045: [New Feature Requests] Add a print summary dialog box to the Production Declaration (Label Printing) screen to confirm what has been requested.
- 0000044: [Scanner] It is possible to confirm a despatch twice if being updated on 2 wireless scanners at the same time.
- 0000043: [Reports] Pallet Summary report does not group the data correctly
- 0000042: [New Feature Requests] A feature to allow "Customer Specific" heading/titles at top of Finished Goods Label.
- 0000041: [Reports] Update Jasper Reports components to version 3.73
- 0000040: [Interfaces] Upgrade Java Service Wrapper to version 3.4.1
Commander4j - 3.10 (Released 2010-06-01)

- 0000037: [Desktop] Password validation errors on new user creation if "no password change" selected.
- 0000036: [Desktop] Add pop-up Calendar control to date time input fields
Commander4j - 3.08 (Released 2010-05-21)

- 0000035: [New Feature Requests] Add facility to print a bar code label containing the Process Order and or Line Number
- 0000033: [New Feature Requests] Interface Log screen would fit better on smaller resolution monitor if it was not as tall.
Commander4j - 3.07 (Released 2010-05-16)

- 0000031: [Interfaces] Missing Haulier value in despatch results in "null" being included in DESADV message
- 0000029: [New Feature Requests] Outbound DESADV needs to pick up current batch status from local tables rather than static value
- 0000030: [Reports] Modified STN incorporates SQL which is valid for mySQL but not valid for MS SQL
- 0000028: [Reports] Can the "Pallet" Production Summary report be grouped by Material + Process Order
- 0000013: [New Feature Requests] Cannot display more than 11 open despatches on Scanner "Active List"
- 0000003: [New Feature Requests] Generate LOGOPAK print request via putting request in INTERFACE_REQUEST table - closed.
Commander4j - 3.06 (Released 2010-05-11)

- 0000027: [Reports] Changes to STN report layout
- 0000023: [New Feature Requests] Request filter by Despatch number box be added to the despatch screen
- 0000019: [Desktop] Time element is included in expiry date calculation which can cause incompatibilities with external interfaces
Commander4j - 3.05 (Released 2010-05-08)

- 0000018: [Scanner] Scanning unconfirmed pallet in Pallet Info functions causes exception in Servlet and blocks function from use.
Commander4j - 3.03 (Released 2010-05-02)

- 0000017: [Reports] Printing STN from Scanner does not work
- 0000015: [Interfaces] Incoming Pallet Status Change is not recorded in Pallet History
Commander4j - 3.02 (Released 2010-04-28)

- 0000014: [Scanner] Despatch Function allows user to select the source and destination to be the same.
Commander4j - 3.01 (Released 2010-04-24)

- 0000008: [Desktop] Having certain printers as a default crashes Commander
- 0000012: [Interfaces] Reprocessing a successful outbound message is processed on the local workstation not the server.
- 0000011: [Scanner] Javascript error when viewing Despatch Header
- 0000010: [Desktop] Editing Pallet and Amending Batch Number generates Expiry Date Mismatch Error.
Commander4j - 3.00 (Released 2010-04-21)

- 0000009: [Interfaces] Missing "B" from RFF+ZBR EANCOM Push Despatch Segment.
- 0000007: [Desktop] Printer Selection
- 0000006: [Desktop] Load No text missing from STN Reprot
Commander4j - 2.99 (Released 2010-04-19)

- 0000004: [Reports] Printing Label to Zebra Printer shows wrong month ( -1 ) in BBE date