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This is the latest vsieron of the device that has been in use since the mid-1990s. It allows both storage and transfer and works on any bi-directional or EPP parallel port. For best results, you should run the Parallel Port Accelerator program when the unit is connected. Computers have a limit on the number of IDE devices, and desktop computers have a limited number of bays. The disks are easily replaced to provide vast storage within the 100Mb limit. This device must be connected when all power is off, like with a parallel port printer. Backing up a small amount of data is not a problem, but large amount of data files will run slowly. The fastest transfer is with an internal IDE ZIP device. Most printers will operate from the printer port on the back [except maybe those made in the late 1990s].Remove the disk before turning a computer off. You should never insert a ZIP disk in the drive when the computer is off as this can cause damage. Normally, shutting down the computer causes the disk to eject. If you lose power, you must disconnect power to the computer, open its cover, and push a straightened paper clip into the Emergency Eject Hole.The User's Manual warns against using the Operating System to copy a disk. Use the Iomega Copy Machine program. Right click on the ZIP drive to select the Iomega Format function. Use Short Format to delete all data on an Iomega disk. The Long Format repairs a drive with errors, converts from another format, or removes all passwords. Write Protection protects against writing over data, a password can protect against both reading and writing files. You can also flag the ZIP drive as non-removable so it appears like a hard drive. The manual has the details. The manual offers suggestions if this doesn't work.Parallel Port drives have their drive letter(s) assigned after the hard drive. Another Parallel Port unit can be connected to the first ( daisy chaining ). This changes the drive letter(s) assigned to CD-roms. A USB drive has its drive letter assigned after the CD-rom drive letter(s). Both units have been proven useful over time. Will the data on a disk survive for over a decade? Not with some floppy disks. Few hard drives survive 10 years of daily use. All your important data files should be copied from a hard drive to ZIP drives or other media. ZIP drives, like floppies, should not be exposed to magnetic fields or high heat. CDs can be damaged by high heat. ZIP disks are reusable, replacing data does not decrease the size. A CD disk consumes space when a file is replaced. Both can have labels. Some say ZIP drives are obsolete, but not as long as it works for you. A ZIP disk has no compatibility problems between different Windows systems and computers. A CD written on one system may not be updated by a different system.The one problem with my used drive is the inkjet printer with an IEEE 1284 cable will not print as well when attached to this unit.


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