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Rashmi,I designed the page :-)I am gllrraeey not a fan of tag clouds at all because they quickly become too cluttered. In this case it was done as a design/marketing effort and not at all for UI. It turns out there are very few options for our corporate site, so it is relatively uncluttered and encourages discovery.Other thoughts tagging to generate folksonomy is marginally useful, another way of depicting data. With our new 30 Boxes product, we are using tagging as a way to segment for sharing and security.


hey mr. Worthington madison and i rellay miss you as a teacher we had so much fun in your class, and you truely are one of madison and I's favorite teachers, would hope to see you more around school, and i think both of us would like to talk to you sometime if we see you outside of school. ive have had your back about the whole news thing ..Hope to see you around