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Despatching can be performed using the Desktop application or via the Web Interface on a mobile device scanner.

Desktop Despatch Transaction


The despatch transaction allows you to move SSCC's from their current Locations to a new Locations and generate a interface message which can be used to replicate the movement in an external system.

Location Admin determines what Batch and Pallet Status types are allowed in a location. Therefore during the process of despatch confirmation the system validates that all of the pallets that you are trying to despatch are in a suitable status, and blocks the movement if they are not.

The requirement to enter a Journey Ref is also part of a locations properties. If the "destination" location needs a journey ref then the Journey Ref fields will be enabled as shown above. If the location does not require the journey ref then both the field and associated buttons will be disabled. On the desktop version of Commander4j the Journey Reference can be selected from a popup selection dialog box. On the scanner you can either type it in manually or scan a barcoded report of Journey Ref's which can be accessed from the Journey Admin screen.


Mobile Web Despatch Transaction