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Hi-I live in Wauwatosa-and I watch the Brewers all the time-but what I would like to know is-everytime I look at one of the Brewers they are spitting it does look like they are entiag something and then spit something out-it just amazes me-everyone of the Brewers=plus Ned Jost is always spitting something out would you please tell me why they do that and what the heck are they entiag and what they keep spitting out-Even when the camera is on one of the Brewers they are chewing on their fingers and then spit something out-Wow-I really-really would love to know what these great guys are entiag and what they are spitting out!!! Thank you-this has been bothering me for awhile-so I decided to write in and see if I can get an answer to what these guys are entiag and spitting Thank you-plus the Brewers are great!!!